What Taylor Lautner's Doing Now Could Kill Him

taylor lautnerWhoa. Taylor Lautner is truly dedicated to his latest role. And just like in some of his other flicks, that means throwing himself -- quite literally -- into his newest projects. There are reports that Taylor's doing ALL his own stunts on his new project, the British sitcom project Cuckoo. That is pretty intense.

It sounds like Taylor's taking a page from Tom Cruise's book. Cruise is known for being all in when it comes to stunts on his own projects. Maybe doing his own stunt work is Taylor's way of showing that he's ready to play with the big boys. Uh, either that or he's got his own death wish.


It's good to see Taylor back in the game. I don't know about you, but I missed his face! It feels like a while since we've heard from him. I feel like this new show is going to be a real breakthrough for him. Maybe he feels the same way. That could definitely explain the energy with which he's throwing himself into the project. I'd be willing to hurl myself around too if it meant hitting A-lister star status.

Are you going to watch Taylor's new show?


Image via Instagram

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