Kendall Jenner's Butt Selfie Has Something the Others Don't (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner's faceWho doesn't love a butt selfie? Put your hands down. Okay, okay, so Kendall Jenner's latest Instagram photo of her derriere is not technically a selfie. But I feel weird writing 'Kendall Jenner's Latest Butt Shot.' I think we can all agree that 'selfie' is slightly tasteful. I mean, as tasteful as talk of a photographic representation of asses can be, I guess.

Kendall's butt selfie has something that all the others that have come before it lack: It's kind of funny. Sure, it still shows off more of her behind than I'm comfortable staring at, as it is designed to do. But it's also full of yuks. Exhibit the caption -- "Just me and my coconut."


Yes, Kendall is holding the tropical fruit of that name, but she's also totally aware that she's displaying some other coconuts. Namely, her butt-cheeks. I didn't think that there were any fresh takes on the butt selfie possible, but this has me doubting my own sanctimonious dictum.

Kendall Jenner's Butt Selfie

Kendall's butt pic is at once charming and funny. It's sweet without being prudish. If it's possible to take a tasteful photo of your top-thigh and post it onto the Internet, she has managed to do just that. It also really makes me want to go on vacation -- and also realize I'll have some butt toning of my own to do if I plan on staying current.

Are you for or against butt pics?


Images via Instagram

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