Farrah Abraham Adds Yet Another (Weird) Job to Her Growing Resume

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham is nothing if not an entrepreneur. And the woman isn't satisfied with having just one business. No, no, no. She wants all the businesses. In addition to being a reality star, a children's book author, a porn star, and a bevy of other things, Farrah is now adding erotic author to her resume. I mean, I suppose it was the only natural next step of her career ... right?


In an effort to expand her rapidly-growing empire, the Teen Mom star will be releasing a new book series, Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making. The book is being described as "loosely" based off of Farrah’s own experience in the world of fame and what a "leaked" sex tape can do to your reputation. (Ummm ...)

Here’s the official synopsis:

In The Making introduces readers to budding celebrity Fallon Opal. When rumors begin circulating that Fallon has a sex tape, scandal erupts and the world’s top media outlets are on the hunt for a story. Millions of people want to know the juicy details, and the whirlwind sweeps Fallon into a struggle between living her own life and delivering what “they” expect from the young star. But Fallon isn’t all she appears to be. Her lonely lifestyle has led to a dirty mind and she aches for a human touch, time and time again. There is something under the surface -- something deeper -- to Fallon Opal than just palpable sexuality and erotic fantasies

If writing is therapeutic for Farrah, which she's claimes it is, more power to her. But if this is just another silly ploy to get the world to not forget about Farrah Abraham, I'll pass, thanks. It would be nice to go one day -- just one -- without thinking or hearing or reading about Farrah. Peace.

Are you surprised Farrah is coming out with this book?

Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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