Khloe Kardashian's April Fools Pic Is Pretty Awesome (PHOTO)

khloe kardashianOne of the things I like the most about Khloe Kardashian is her killer sense of humor. I mean, sure, she's beautiful, she's charming, she's kind -- she's a clear contender for fave Kardashian no matter which way you're slicing it. But it's her sense of humor that really elevates her. I bow down to her, seriously, though.

She used that glamour and humor to excellent effect on her Instagram in celebration of April Fools. She posted a message of greetings and salutations for her followers on the photo sharing social media site. In the luxe setting, Khloe and her posse throw up the thumb-and-index-finger together symbol. Otherwise known as the okay-sign.


Oh sure, this seems innocuous enough -- if a little bit weird to post. Maybe this is some sort of meditation they learned during their travels? I can almost imagine her less in-the-know fans saying that to themselves. Ah, but this is not so.

khloe kardashian

This harmless finger gesture is, in fact, a version of the game punch-buggie. If someone tricks you into looking at this sign, they may then punch you in the arm. So look out world, Khloe and her army of friends and family members are going with fists ready. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Did you fall for Khloe's prank?


Image via Instagram

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