Kate Middleton's Massive Feud With Pippa Could Run Deep

Kate MiddletonWhoa. It's hard to know whether the rumors about Kate Middleton's feud with her sister Pippa Middleton are true or not. On the one hand, it seems ridiculous that anyone could drive these two apart, they are so close. But on the other hand, if what the stories are saying is true, we don't blame Pippa for totally cutting off her royal sister cold.

Apparently, according to reports, Kate's been spending every spare minute she has hanging out with Prince Harry's sweetie, Cressida Bonas. This has left poor little Pippa feeling left out in the cold. Surely this can't be true. Isn't there enough of everyone's favorite duchess to go around? I feel like yes.


There are also some other factors worthy of consideration. Pippa's got her own life and her own friends. It's not as though Kate is the only person she hangs out. Plus, I kind of feel like if Pippa was going to feel shafted by Kate's preference for hanging out with royals, that would have happened a long time ago.

Plus, let us not forget that Cressida's stepsister is Isabella Calthorpe, her one-time rival for Prince William lurv. Man, this borderline sounds like a soap opera that I would have little-to-no problem binge watching on a rainy Saturday/Sunday. Somebody get on it. I think the odds are high that this is just a rumor, but if it's true, Kate would do well to remember who her real friends are.

Do you believe this rumor?


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