Rob Pattinson Is Perfect Fit for 'Mad Men' Guest Spot (WATCH)

Robert PattinsonThere may be a lot of drama surrounding his love life, but Robert Pattinson isn't letting any of that impact his burgeoning film career. Rob's a dedicated and hard-working actor. His recent flick Life is still underway, with shooting happening e'en as we speak. New snaps of the actor on set and diligently at work reveal that Rob takes his craft even more seriously than he takes his feelings for his on-again off-again lovah Kristen Stewart.

I kind of can't get enough of Rob's slicked-back, old school style for this film. Though I have a hard time believing that with his good looks he'd ever really spend any time behind the camera, it's fun to watch Rob in those '50s-era threads. It kind of makes me hanker for him to appear on Mad Men's final season. Though I strongly suspect that this is not to be.


Rob was photographed -- and more importantly FILMED -- by the paparazzi as he was shooting the other day. He's caught in a gaggle of other actors, who, from the looks of it, are also playing '50s-era photogs. Rob is intent on his work, but looks so happy and relaxed too.

You can see him chatting with the other actors between takes. He looks so at ease and at home in the world. It's great that his work provides him with so much peace, especially given how crazed his personal life is rumored to be these days. It's good to see that Rob doesn't let his heartache do any damage to his career. If anything, the hits just keep on coming!

Are you going to see Rob's new movie?


Image via Splash News

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