Rob Pattinson Ditches His Ex When Kristen Stewart Comes Calling

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonOkay, so we take it back. It's starting to seem like the rumors that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might be back on again could actually be true. While we always live in hope, sometimes it's hard to know just what to believe and what our Twihardlings hearts want to be true. But this is definitely a case of smoke coming just before the fire.

After all the hype, it looks like Rob didn't accompany his one-time paramour Dylan Penn on her trip to Madrid. If he planned this reunion just to get Kristen's attention, then survey says: It totally worked. He stayed at home while Dylan flew on to Madrid. Sources say she was photographed there, alone, and angrily talking to someone on her cellphone. Oh zzzaaaaaayum! A woman spurned -- RPattz edition!


Folks are saying that when Kristen learned that Rob was about to fly off for a romantic Spanish jaunt with Dylan, she was beyond furious. She is said to have told him that if he made the trip, there was no chance the two of them would ever reconcile. If it's true, then Rob made his real feelings known -- and left poor Dylan all alone in Madrid. *Sad trombone sound*

If Rob and Kristen are going to reconcile, they need to do it or, as the saying goes, get off the pot! While a fiery, tempestuous romance is pretty dramatic on-screen, it's exhausting in real life. Here's hoping they figure that out soon and figure out whether or not they belong together once and for all.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are getting back together?


Image via anicetus1/Flickr

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