Kim Kardashian Shares Her Private World (WATCH)

Kim Kardashian Thailand Vacation bikini Kim Kardashian loves her a selfie, but for the latest update on her vacay to Thailand, she handed the camera over to someone else. Thankfully, this person did not put the camera down. Instead, we got not just a couple shots of Kim in her latest swim ensemble, but a video portrait of Kimmy too.

Admittedly it's a little weird. Sure, she looks beautiful and glamorous (per usual), but when you actually think about what you're watching, it's kind of like a commercial for perfume ... without the perfume. You've got to give the girl credit where it's due though -- she has zero self-consciousness. Can you imagine artfully twirling on a boat and insisting a friend film it for you? My friends would shove me from said vessel.


Admittedly, it is April 1. Could Kim be punking us with this latest video? If she is, I do not understand the joke. I was too busy totally loving her two-piece suit and artfully placed sarong. Can we discuss how only Kim could make a sarong look sexy? Anyone else donning one would look like a dump truck.

At least Kim has the wherewithal to know that she's exceptionally lucky to lead the life she lives. The captions accompanying this video and the photos that go along with it all seem to include a sense of gratitude. "What a life," she says, and "wish you were here." It's a nice sentiment, but can you even imagine how Kim Kardashian would react if we all took her at her word and just, you know, showed up?

Do you think Kim's video is silly or lovely?


Image via Instagram

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