James Van Der Beek Might Want to Apologize to Justin Timberlake's Mom

James Van Der BeekJames Van Der Beek has been out promoting his new sitcom, Friends With Better Lives, but the personable actor has ended up sharing more about his off-camera antics than he probably intended. Like sharing that Adrian Grenier was almost cast as the lead in Dawson's Creek instead of him!

And also that he once snuck an underage Justin Timberlake into a nightclub in Vegas by letting him borrow his ID. Now, he might like to apologize to JT's mom for his part in "trying to corrupt" her son.


James sat down with Kristin Dos Santos for E! Online, and after chitchatting about the new show, she wanted to know about the time he passed his ID to Justin Timberlake to get him into a nightclub to see Prince perform.

"Have you heard from his mother?" she laughed as she asked. "Is she concerned about how you sort of turned her son into a delinquent?"

"I tried ... it didn't take though ... he's too good a dude, unfortunately," he responded.

OK, maybe it's just my late-'90s high school crush on Dawson Leary, but this story makes me so happy. I love that James helped out a friend, to see Prince, no less. I love that back in my day, teeny-bopper stars like Justin Timberlake wouldn't just automatically be let into a 21-and-up gathering. I love being reminded that Justin Timberlake was once a teeny-bopper star, because I love watching people grow and develop their talents.

And it's obvious that both James Van Der Beek and Justin Timberlake have come a long way since they first broke out onto the scene.

Do you think JT's mom should forgive James Van Der Beek?


Image via GabboT/Flickr

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