'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Gets Drink Thrown in His Face in a Little Twist of Karma

Juan Pablo boatA random girl did to Juan Pablo what many thought the controversial Bachelor deserved: She threw a drink in his face.

But she didn't stop there. Oh no. She also called him a very colorful expletive.

Sounds like a scene right out of The Bachelor -- or maybe The Real Housewives -- doesn't it?

Oh, Juan Pablo. If only you'd treated the women on your season better, these things wouldn't happen to you.


The unidentified girl walked up to J.P. as he sat on a couch at an event at Harrah's Resort, a casino and club in Atlantic City.

Suddenly she yelled, "F---ing d---bag!" and threw her drink in his face. Security came running, and she was escorted out.

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Juan Pablo apparently didn't let the incident ruin his night. He spent some time later in the evening with girlfriend and Bachelor finalist Nikki Ferrell.

The Season 18 Bachelor became one of the most polarizing in the show's history after many thought he treated some of the women less-than-respectfully. To put it mildly.

He also famously did not propose to Nikki nor would he say he loved her. He told her simply, "I like you. A LOT."

So yeah. Drink in the face. Maybe next time, it will be a pie.

Do you think Juan Pablo got what he deserved here?


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