Cressida Bonas' Makeup-Free Selfie Would Make Prince Harry Proud (PHOTO)

cressida bonasPrince Harry's girlfriend Cressida Bonas took a makeup-free photo of herself and all I can say is WOW.

First of all, bravo to Cressida for going truly, all-out makeup-free, from the looks of it. So many celebs post "no-makeup" selfies in which they are CLEARLY wearing makeup. And it's annoying.

Second of all, how completely and utterly amazing does she look without makeup? Is it wrong to hate her, just a little?

See Cressida "baring it all" for yourself ...


cressida bonas makeup free

Gorgeous, right? Even better is that she did it as part of a makeup-free celebrity selfie campaign that's raising money for cancer research. Wonder if Kate Middleton will follow suit?

Huh. Beauty and a heart of gold AND a boyfriend who happens to be a hunky, famous prince? What doesn't Cressida have going for her? That Harry is one lucky devil.

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He seems to know it too. Rumor has it that their relationship is getting more serious, with the two of them jetting off on a romantic ski trip to Kazakhstan and Cressida being invited to an official private party Harry threw in the Queen's rooms (which sounds VERY important).

So if these two lovebirds ever get engaged someday, Prince Harry just has to gaze at this photo to know exactly what he'll be waking up to every morning. (Since he's a royal, he's too pure to be waking up with a girl he's just dating, right?)

Somehow I don't think he'll be disappointed.

How do you think Cressida looks without makeup -- and do you believe she's really not wearing any at all?


Images via Splash News and Tumblr

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