Gwyneth Paltrow Is Ready to Consciously Couple ... With Another Man

Gwyneth Paltrow may have only "consciously uncoupled" (will she ever live that down?) from husband Chris Martin a few days ago, but that doesn't mean the leggy Tracy Anderson devotee isn't ready to get on with the business of finding a man. A source reportedly told The Sun:

She is ready to have another boyfriend. She's very much about having fun.

It may seem like Gwynnie should at least drink a pot of green tea and bake some kale cookies before getting on Tinder, but hey, rumor has it that the couple have really been living separate lives for awhile anyway -- if not exactly living separately.


There's been a lot of rumors about the marriage since the conscious uncoupling news broke -- that Gwyneth was having affairs, that Gwyneth kissing her ex was the last straw, that Chris Martin couldn't take Gwyneth's strict diet anymore (remember when Gwyn said that her diet made her more likely to express her anger? Yeah, I'm sure Chris loved that) ... anyway, you're getting the gist, aren't you? It's all Gwyneth's fault.

Let's not forget that Chris Martin is a global rockstar who travels months out of the year and has millions of sex-hungry groupies. I'm not saying I know anything about his behavior, but why are we all assuming this was because of Gwyneth? Granted, she HAD to have been the one to write the divoce announcement. You just know Chris was cringing as she titled it "Conscious Uncoupling."

Anyway, I say if Gwyneth wants to date already, she's welcome to it. I'm sure she will be responsible about whomever meets her kids. I'm going to guess that Gwyn will hook up with some young Spanish or French stud (Gwyn's kids have to speak both) OR a billionaire. As much as Gwyn loves freshly squeezed juice, she's not going to be dating the local wheatgrass shot maker at Chelsea Market, ya know? Let's get real. This woman has dated Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. She's going large.

By the time a couple gets divorced, they've probably (hopefully) put years of thought into it. They may not have even slept together or acted like a couple in a very long time. So it's no wonder that Gwyn may be raring to go. She's not working on that body 24/7 so no one can appreciate it!

What kind of boyfriend do you think GP will get?


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