Kim Kardashian Almost Landed Another Magazine Cover but She Was 'Too Fat'

Kim Kardashian VogueOMG. With all of the hype surrounding her Vogue cover, you'd think plenty of other magazines are probably kicking themselves right now for not featuring Kim Kardashian first.

But as it turns out, supposedly Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair were considering Kim for their covers too -- but then she got word about Vogue wanting her and told them to take a hike. (Or at least that's what we can probably assume.)

Vanity Fair won't comment on whether or not Kim was ever in the running, but apparently she was in serious talks with Harper's Bazaar to appear on the February cover. Reportedly, they wanted a close-up shot instead of a long one because she was pregnant at the time and looked "overweight."


And understandably, Kim was upset about it -- and then the Vogue offer came in, fulfilling her wildest dreams. The end result has her looking anything but fat, if you ask me.

But even when she was pregnant and noticeably larger than her normal self, it's not like everyone and their mother didn't know she was expecting a baby! Do you really think people would've been turned off by seeing a pregnant belly on the cover of a magazine? (Ok, so I know there are some folks who are outraged over Vogue simply because it's Kim -- but still.)

Gah. I don't blame her for wanting to back out. And it really worked to her advantage no matter how you look at it. I mean -- she's on the cover of Vogue, for crying out loud, which is way more noteworthy than Vanity Fair or Harper's Bazaar in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing says, "Screw you for making nasty comments about my normal pregnant body" like sweet revenge.

Do you think Kim has a right to be upset?


Image via Vogue

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