'RHOA' Stars Get Into a Crazy, Hair-Pulling Brawl

kenya mooreThink those Real Housewives of Atlanta couldn't get any crazier? Well, think again. According to Us Weekly, things get really heated during the reunion taping ... and by heated, I mean two of the so-called "classy" divas get into a nasty, weave-snatching brawl. So what led to this latest round of madness?


Any fan of the show knows that the reunions are always tension-filled. The women are all on the defensive and ready to pounce on one another. We always expect to see some crying, yelling, and at least two of the women storming off at some point. However, this latest reunion ups the drama like never before.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore got into a knockdown, drag-out fight in the middle of the taping.

They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up. Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds. Porsha never dragged her by her hair. Andy [Cohen] and a producer jumped in and then security came.

Wow. Just wow. Something about being on the show seemingly strips all of these ladies of class, composure, and decorum. They allow the others to get under their skin so easily. It's unclear what set Porsha off, but she should know better than to take any ridiculous bait thrown her way. And she should know that Kenya isn't one to back down and turn away. It wasn't long ago the former beauty pageant winner sparked that epic hotel room brawl during NeNe Leakes' couples sleepover. Not only that, she has made it clear that she is not above suing. It will be interesting to watch the aftermath of this one.

What do you think Kenya said to make Porsha charge at her?


Image via BravoTV.com

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