Kate Middleton Hit Prince Harry Where It Really Hurts

Kate middleton prince harryJust when it looked like Prince Harry may have outgrown his bad boy reputation and be all grown up, perhaps even ready to pop the question to Cressida Bonas (eee!), the latest buzz from The National Enquirer (so of course, we have to take it with a grain of salt) is that Kate Middleton still doesn't trust her brother-in-law enough to let him babysit Prince George. Not even if he's accompanied by Cressie!

A "palace spy" tells the tabloid, "Harry and Cressida have offered on a number of occasions to watch George while his brother and Kate go out for an evening. However, each time Kate squelches the offer -- politely declining by saying her mother, or sister Pippa, will tend to George while they’re away." Ouch.


Hmm, well, maybe it is actually that Pippa or Carole Middleton is already lined up to babysit? And now, the royal couple has hired their new nanny, so even more reason it doesn't exactly make sense that Harry and Cressida watch George solo, right?

Still, Harry's reportedly quite upset over the Duchess' lack of trust in him. The Enquirer's source notes, "Harry finally confronted William and Kate, demanding to know why their offer to watch George is always rejected, bellowing, 'Don’t you trust us?' Before William could say a word, Kate told them, ‘The truth is, I don’t!’"

Apparently, "Kate explained that she has no problems with Harry and Cressida staying with George while she and Wills are out for an evening, but George’s nanny must be in attendance at all times. William tried to smooth things, saying that when George is a little older Kate may reconsider -- but Kate blurted, ‘The fact is, Harry, you drink too much -- and I’m not comfortable! I don’t trust leaving George in your care.’" Ouch!

If any of this is true, it's pretty sad all around. After all, I'm sure royal watchers would love nothing more than to see Harry be a respectable grown-up, doting uncle -- not to mention husband and father in the near future. I'm sure he will, but maybe he just needs to prove himself a bit more before Kate can put her full trust in him.

Do you buy this story? How do you think Kate should feel about leaving George with Harry and Cressida?


Image via Nick Warner/Wikimedia

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