Zac Efron's Friends Worry His Attack Was About More Than Sushi

zac efron could be relapsing Earlier this week, weird reports about Zac Efron started making the rounds. It was said that the celeb was out on a late-night drive for sushi when he and his bodyguard were attacked. Efron suffered a big ol' punch to the face in the process. Now sources close to Zac are chiming in about everything that went down. And they are skeptical about Zac's story. They worry that he might have fallen off the wagon and turned back to drugs and alcohol. 

It's easy to understand where these 'friends' of Zac's are coming from. He is often described as being a homebody. Zac's not often one spotted out on the club scene. He prefers staying at home, and usually when he does go out, it's at the prompting of friends. The idea that he'd go -- by himself -- for sushi in the dead of the night? Well that just doesn't smell right. It's far more likely, as far as those close to Zac are concerned, that he was out looking for drugs


The story about Zac's attack is full of contradictions that throw some serious shade on the version of the night's events that he's selling. His bodyguard -- a known one-time drug dealer himself -- claims that Zac only got punched trying to save him. He claimed he was stabbed several times, but reports indicate that only Zac was really injured. Also, despite reports that Zac went to rehab on two separate occasions to seek help, his friends say it just ain't so. Instead he holed up in his friend's house and received private therapy. That's better than nothing but it's very different from actual rehab.

Obviously Zac hasn't confirmed any of this. Even if it were true, why would he? I have to say that this story is making me sadder and sadder as events roll out and we learn more. If Zac is coming off the rails, he runs the risks of alienating his friends and hurting not just his professional life, but his personal one -- not to mention his help. He is so talented. I hope he gets everything straightened out that he needs to in order to move on to bigger and better things. 

Do you think these rumors about Zac are true?


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