Rad Grandma Gets Down to Vanilla Ice With Killer Moves (VIDEO)

granny dancing to vanilla ice If you told me you've never quietly but vigorously shaken your tail feathers to a song in the privacy of your own home, I'd call you a liar. But probably not to your face. Because I'm not rude. THAT SAID, we've all tried to bust a move in private, and where better to do that than in our own domiciles? This granny was filmed working it to Vanilla Ice in an extended clip that's going viral. It puts all our kitchen dancing to shame.

This woman is a literal and hilarious inspiration. You don't have to be Dancing With the Stars-ready to shake what your mama gave you. This video is captivating and will totally make your day. Any professional dancer will tell you that it's all about the passion and fire you put into your performance. This broad has all that and more. She's also adept at incorporating props into her performance. 


She's stirring a pot of food (what is it, pilaf? I feel like it's pilaf). She's twirling a loaf of bread over her head. Then she's even getting her excited little dog in on the action. Basically what I'm saying here is that this woman is the greatest and I would like to be her best friend forever. At the very least I'd like to take a dance class with her. I'm not remotely kidding. I always run out of dance moves when I'm freaking out on the kitchen floor -- she has them in spades! 

I'm a pretty shy dancer myself. As such, I've bookmarked this video under the heading of "instant confidence booster." Look at how much fun she's having. This is clearly not the first time she's ever busted out the Vanilla Ice in her home. I love how funny her grandson thinks the whole thing is. I kind of love even more how totally non-interested her hubby is in what's happening. It gives you the feeling that she does stuff like this all the time. Never stop dancing, granny. And we will never stop watching.

What's your favorite song to dance to?


Image via Cheryl Atwood/YouTube 

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