Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Major Wedding Guest Snub Is for the Best

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

D'oh! It looks like nobody should count on scoring an invite to the celebrity wedding of the century no matter how A-list they are. Supposedly Kanye West does not want Oprah Winfrey attending his wedding to Kim Kardashian -- and wait until you hear why.

It's not because he doesn't like her. And she's not being left off the guest list because she and Kanye had some sort of a falling out.

Believe it or not, it actually has everything to do with Kim, even though it sounds like Kanye is the one who doesn't want to see her sitting there in the crowd on May 24.


An insider told Hollywood Life, "He really thinks Oprah's going to steal the show and the guests will all be talking about her and what she's wearing and trying to get their picture taken with her as opposed to being there, witnessing his marriage to Kim, and celebrating them as a couple."

The source also added, "He's just nervous and wants all eyes on him and Kim and doesn’t want to be outdone by anyone."

Aww. Whatta guy. Even though Oprah is kind of over (yes, she is) -- I guess I can still see people going all gaga over her at Kimye's wedding. And since everyone knows that the festivities are supposed to be all about the bride, it totally makes sense for Kanye to take extra precautions to make sure no one steal's Kim's thunder on what will hopefully be the biggest day of her life.

Good for him for sticking up for his woman. Besides, I'm sure Oprah has plenty of better things to do than head to Paris.

Would you want Oprah there if you were Kim?


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