Kim Kardashian Wears Insanely Sexy Style on Crazy Long Flight (PHOTO)

kim kardashian selfieLike countless other celebs perpetually aware of their image and the cameras clicking around them at all times, Kim Kardashian is almost always dressed for the press. Last week, it meant sporting a full blowout and makeup to her Barry's Boot Camp class. This week, it's boarding international flights in a dress most of us would only bust out for date night. 

Most of the Kardashian-Jenner crew was seen at LAX earlier today, reportedly boarding a flight to China. (Exactly why they're all headed there remains to be confirmed. Vacationing, perhaps?) Kim's outfit for the busy travel day was a floor-length, curve-hugging, nude number with a leg-bearing slit. Because, of course it was.

Check it out ...


kim kardashian airport LAX  

Palm, meet face. WHY is this necessary? No one would blame you for donning a pair of jeans now and then, Kim. Even skin-tight denim with stilettos would make more sense than this mishigas on a 13-hour transpacific flight. That said, the style choice may be totally ridiculous, but Kim definitely looks like one hot mama ... Yeah, let's just admit it. We all wish we could look that gorgeous, glowing, and glam while flying!

What do you think about Kim's travel couture?

Image via Sharky/Splash News

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