Trace Adkins & Wife Rhonda Call It Quits After 17 Years

Trace AdkinsIt's been a rough 2014 for country star Trace Adkins. In January, the singer was involved in an alleged fist fight with a Trace Adkins impersonator on a cruise ship headed to Jamaica. After 12 years of sobriety, Adkins immediately disappeared into rehab after returning to shore.

Two months later, Rhonda Adkins, Trace's wife of 17 years, has filed for divorce. It's not known if the split has anything to do with with his relapse or subsequent rehab stint, but regardless, it just seems to be a crappy year so far for the Adkins family.


Rhonda filed the papers to legally separate herself from her 51-year-old husband on March 24 in Williamson County, Tennessee, citing the ever popular "irreconcilable differences" line as her reason for the dissolution of her marriage.

In addition to seeking a divorce, she also wants primary residential custody of their three daughters, who are 16, 12, and 9. She's filed for child support, alimony, and legal fees, as well as to be named the sole beneficiary of Trace's life insurance policy -- all pretty standard claims for women whose husbands have been the main breadwinner for many years.

It would be easy to speculate or even judge the reasons this is happening now. Rhonda has obviously seen him through some rough times in the marriage, so it's quite possible she's just done. Or she could've given him an ultimatum 12 years ago that she's now following through on.

Or it could have nothing to do with Trace's personal problems. Maybe the marriage is simply over. Maybe they're both miserable. Who knows?

Divorce just sucks, and I wish them both the best moving forward.

Do you think Trace's relapse could be the reason behind the split?


Image via The USO/Flickr

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