Kim Kardashian Ripped for Photo of North West in Car Seat

north west with cousin mason kardashian disickKim Kardashian may have just spent the last few days in NYC, hanging out with Anna Wintour and Seth Meyers, but she's back on the road, along with the whole Kardashian-Jenner brood! Including little scene-stealer North West, of course, who was riding along in a car seat when Auntie Khloe snapped an adorbs shot of her and posted it to Instagram to showcase her Kardashian Kids outfit. Cue the haters!

Some of Koko's followers freaked upon noticing that North's hand was tucked underneath part of the seat belt. Insults directed at Kim and her poor parenting skills started to run rampant. Ugh.

Here's the pic ...


Come on, people. Do we really think Kim actually strapped her in there that way? Uh, no! Babies aren't exactly little frozen statues. They do fidget. North's little hand could have easily slipped under the belt there. (If that's even what we're seeing ... Maybe the belt is simply resting over her wrist?)

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Also, as snappy-happy as the Kardashian crew tends to be, I'd hope not just Kim but Koko and anyone else in that car were uber-attentive to the 9-month-old. And if she were stuck, someone likely helped her release her tiny fist as soon as they took note.

I mean, seriously, people. Always finding something to pick on! Can't a family of reality stars just travel with a famous tyke in peace?!

What do you think about this pic of North West? Does it make you jump to conclusions about Kim's parenting?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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