Kim Kardashian Fights 'Vogue' Backlash With Stolen Style

kim kardashian on late night with seth meyersJust when you thought Kim Kardashian was being handed the keys to the castle of Anna Wintour-approved Fashionistadom, a little birdie out there is whispering that the latest Vogue covergirl is a copycat. Yes, apparently, Kim and Kanye completely ripped off borrowed heavily from Beyonce and Jay-Z's style book in order to make an impresson on the Vogue editor-in-chief the other night.

By now, you've seen the lacy, see through olive-hued dress by Rachel Roy that Kim rocked out to dinner with Anna and on Late Night With Seth Meyers ... Well, when you look closely, the style is super-familiar, right?


That's because it was apparently intentionally chosen with the white lace Michael Costello gown Beyonce wore to the Grammys in mind. And Radar Online also notes that the gold sandals Kiki paired with the dress are by Tom Ford -- who we all know is one of Queen Bey and Jay-Z's most beloved designers. (You know, they don't pop Molly, they rock Tom Ford.)

What's more, Kimye pulled up to New York's Waverly Inn in "a pimped-out Mercedes van identical to the $1M custom vehicle that Jay-Z gifted Knowles after she gave birth to their daughter, Blue Ivy." (Talk about a push present. Vroom.) And it was pretty obvious they used it specifically for the dinner, as Kim had previously been spotted that day in a low-key SUV.

I can't exactly say I blame Kim and 'Ye for trying to keep up with the Carters ... being Vogue cover stars is new territory for them. If they had to take cues from somebody, might as well be Bey who has been on the cover twice (and British Vogue once). But if they want to argue that they are the "#WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple" -- or most trendsetting -- they've gotta do better than stealing another couple's look.

Do you think Kim and Kanye have an original sense of style?


Image via NBC

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