Another ‘RHOBH’ Couple Battles Nasty (but Believable) Breakup Rumors

yolanda david fosterDear Andy Cohen, say it isn't so! Reports are going around, claiming that Yolanda and David Foster's marriage is on the rocks. I know! Who will make him fresh ginger lemonade if they call it quits? How will Yolanda ever eat another meal without the soft piano and vocal stylings of David playing in the background? And most important, who will get custody of that fridge?!

All joking aside, this is really sad. Radar is reporting that Yolanda and David have hit a rough patch that they may not be able to recover from. Lisa Vanderpump A source says, "David definitely likes to flirt with women, especially much younger ladies ... Yolanda’s fellow housewives including Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville are concerned about David's wandering eye. Don't forget, this is David's fourth marriage. He has had issues in the past with being in committed relationships."


On one hand, I'm wont not to believe this, as A) Radar publishes the downfall of a new Housewife's marriage daily, and B) David and Yolanda really seem to be in love. But on the other, there's C) the fact that David has had four marriages, and D) Yolanda was recently credited as "Yolanda Hadid" in Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y." video, as opposed to Yolanda Foster.

It seems like the overall consensus is that people aren't all that surprised that there's trouble in Malibu, but I don't know. David seemed to really care about Yolanda when she was sick -- that right there is what convinced me they were genuine. But then there's the fact that he is rarely ever seen with her. And, according to a source, it's because he thinks the show is beneath him.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with these two, but I, for one, am pulling for them. But just out of curiosity, if they're not going to keep the fridge, is there a person one could contact to inquire about prices? Just asking for a friend.

Do you think Yolanda and David are really going through a rough patch?


Image via Bravo

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