Kate Middleton's Fate as a Royal Was Sealed Much Earlier Than We Thought

Prince William and Kate MiddletonIt's pretty safe to say that at one point or another, every little girl has dreams of growing up to marry a prince. But what if there was something you could do to ensure your own daughter was put on a path to marrying someone very affluent?

As strange as it may sound, the boarding school Kate Middleton attended may have determined her fate of becoming Prince William's wife -- whether it was by coincidence or intent. (Oh come on, you know the thought of Kate getting hooked up with Wills went through Carole's mind a time or two.)

According to The Telegraph, a good number of alumnae from Marlborough College have gone on to land pretty important husbands.


In addition to Kate, here are a few lucky ladies worth noting.

Samantha Cameron, wife of the Prime Minister

Frances Osborne, wife of the Chancellor

Sally Bercow, wife of the Speaker

Diana Fox, wife of the Governor of the Bank of England

(Dude. It must be kind of fun to be married to someone with a "the" in front of their name.)

And it sounds like the school is well aware that their female students seem to have a better chance of scoring a high-profile hubby. Jonathan Leigh, Master of Marlborough, said, "It is a unique situation of which we're quietly proud -- a rather happy coalescence has led to this group of able and powerful, supportive women."

But is that really all it is? Able, powerful, supportive women?

Maybe. But do you really think Kate and Wills would've ended up together simply because she attended such a prestigious prep school? I mean, we all know they may have never gotten together if she hadn't gone on to study at St. Andrew's -- but could her time at Marlborough have prepared her to make an impression on William she might not have otherwise?

I'm guessing attending the school may have made her more confident -- but true love and wild attraction and all that jazz had to play into their relationship too. Prince William doesn't strike me as the type to choose a wife based on how she looks on paper. And something tells me he would've wanted to marry Kate regardless of what hoity-toity school she attended.

But still -- this is a pretty funny coincidence. Hmm. Now I kind of wish my parents had sent me across the pond during my high school years.

Do you think Kate's schooling sealed her fate as a royal?


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