Jessica Biel Must Not Be Pregnant After All if Her Bikini Body Is Any Indication

Jessica BielI totally called that one wrong. I would've bet money that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were expecting, given all those times she publicly ditched him. They said they were doing just fine, and I guess they are and, apparently, not pregnant, if their recent vacation photos are any indication.

JT recently whisked his gorgeous wife away on a tropical holiday to celebrate her 32nd birthday. The pair looked as toned and fabulous as ever in their beachwear -- him in board shorts and her in a teeny tiny bikini. And there was no baby bump in sight.


Well, even though the pregnancy rumors are firmly squashed, it doesn't mean there's trouble in paradise. Justin kicked off the birthday festivities on the actual day, March 3, when he took Jessica, along with his parents, to The Forge restaurant in Miami. They dined in the private wine cellar and "kept a low profile" and "looked happy and comfortable," according to a source.

The source also mentioned that Jessica noshed on Italian wedding cake (her favorite), and her world famous singer hubby serenaded her with a few lines of "Happy Birthday."

Then because they're the Timberlakes, 10 days later, they checked into a villa in Barbados, where they spent at least one day chartering a $1,125-a-day catamaran for wakeboarding. Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday, if you ask me.

So maybe now that Jessica has flaunted her taunt tummy and they've been on a romantic vacation together, we can put both the baby rumors and the questions over the state of their marriage to rest.

Are you disappointed it doesn't look like there's going to be an adorable little Timberlake baby anytime soon?


Image via Themeplus/Flickr

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