Kate Middleton's Mother's Day Plans With Prince George Sound Just Lovely

Prince William Kate Middleton

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend in the U.K., there has already been some buzz and speculation over how Kate Middleton will celebrate her first Mother's Day with Prince George.

Heck, photographer Alison Jackson even did a mock photo shoot with royal family look-alikes to offer some insight into how the big day might go down inside the walls of the Palace. And while there are sure to be plenty of smiles and cuddles all around, it sounds like we might not hear too many more details of how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan on enjoying the day.


All we know is that Kate will spend Mother's Day in private at Kensington Palace with her precious son -- which is exactly what she should be doing.

A woman's first Mother's Day is so special ... I mean, not that all of her Mother's Days aren't important, but there's something so significant and poignant about the first one. It isn't anything she should feel the need to share with the world. She should be at home with her little family, soaking up every single moment and enjoying it to the fullest!

(But damn -- don't you wish we could have a sneak peek of what she plans on wearing?)

How did you celebrate your first Mother's Day?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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