Kristen Stewart's New Chanel Ads Leaked & They're ... Interesting

Kristen StewartWe already knew that she was the new face of Chanel, but now images of Kristen Stewart in the Texas-inspired collection have been leaked, after being put up on the Instagram account, garcon_chanel, and then subsequently removed. (The campaign doesn't come out until May, FYI.)

We have to assume they were released prematurely if they're not featured in the account anymore -- but that didn't stop a few sites from publishing the photos before they disappeared again.

And as you will see, Kristen has her hair in cornrows and is all dolled up in Western attire. At this point, I haven't decided how I feel about the pics.


I mean, she looks gorgeous, because DUH -- she's KStew and she's wearing Chanel.

But on the other hand, something about seeing her in cowgirl boots just seems so ... off.

They seriously should've put her in a pair of Converse sneakers just to make these ads more believable. But I guess that would've defeated the whole purpose of having her photographed out of her element.

And who knows -- maybe she's into the western vibe? You never know. Every gal loves to switch things up now and then.

What do you think of these new Chanel ads?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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