Kristen Stewart's 15-Pound Weight Gain Can Finally Be Explained

Kristen StewartAt first I really didn't believe that she'd gotten any larger at all, but according to Hollywood Life, Kristen Stewart has gained weight -- though it was supposedly something she was striving for. (Yes, for reals.)

She wanted her role as a teenager in Still Alice to be more believable, and she thought putting on a few pounds would do the trick. A source says, "She thought it would add to her character, who is the youngest of three. She plays a teenager and teenagers can be a little heavier while going through puberty. She thought the extra weight would make her look a little younger."


And it doesn't sound like she gorged on fast food or any sort of junk in order to add some weight to her frame. The source also adds, "She gained weight in a healthy way, working with a dietitian, and she’s not upset at all about it -- it was her decision."

Whoa. Even with the 15 or so pounds KStew put on, she still looks pretty darn svelte to me. But the fact that she was willing to watch the scale climb up in an industry where that sort of thing is frowned upon just goes to show that she's even more serious about her career than we ever imagined.

She truly cares about portraying each and every role in a way that's authentic -- instead of simply saying, "Hey, I'm Kristen Stewart so nobody will give a rat's behind about my acting skills."

Besides, she's still young enough that she'll have absolutely no problem taking the weight off when the movie is done filming -- so it's not like this is anything permanent. (Sigh. If only we could all stay in our early 20s forever.)

Do you commend Kristen for taking it upon herself to gain weight?


Image via the_stir/Flickr

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