Justin Bieber Tries to Take on Iconic Role But Nobody's Buying It (PHOTO)

Justin BieberIt is not breaking news that Justin Bieber is one arrogant, full-of-himself kid. Remember that deposition tape from a few weeks ago? Yeah. We should probably just change his name to Bratty McBratterson and be done with it.

And if it's one thing bratty, entitled kids like to do, it's to claim that their disrespectful, contentious behavior is rebellion. Over the weekend, Biebs compared himself to the King of Rebellion, the original Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean.


The Canadian pop star Instagrammed a pic of himself all done up like the iconic movie star, complete with white tee shirt and cigarette hanging from his lips. He captioned it, "This is James Dean inspired. Don't ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don't"

Then, presumably because the majority of his fan base is 12 and under and have no clue who James Dean is, he followed it up with an actual picture of the star from the '50s.

Can you see me rolling my eyes from all the way over here? Sorry Biebs, but you are nothing like James Dean, and you just look ridiculous for trying to make the comparison.

Do you think Justin Bieber is a rebel or a brat?


Images via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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