Scott Disick Goes Commando -- MY EYES! (PHOTO)

Scott Disick

Yowza! Well, this sure explains a thing or two. You guys? The paparazzi actually managed to snap a photo of Scott Disick's package, which was clearly visible protruding out through his sweatpants as he ran errands in Calabasas, California the other day.

Yes -- I said his package. As in his junk. As in why in the hell does Scott think it's perfectly acceptable and/or attractive to go commando while he's out in public -- in a pair of loose fitting pants?!?

I will forewarn you -- you can't un-see this once you've taken a peek.

Are you sure you're ready?



Scott Disick

You're welcome. Or, I'm sorry. Or ... OMG we all just saw Scott Disick's penis! (Scarred for life.)

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But let's go ahead and state the obvious ... that thing is fairly (ahem) substantial. And that kind of explains why Kourtney Kardashian can't seem to quit him -- even when he isn't exactly being a model boyfriend and father.

Oh come on. Every dude has his redeeming qualities, right? Some are just ... a little more obvious than others.

Does this picture turn you on or creep you out?


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