Prince Harry Will Never Be the Same Thanks to Cressida Bonas

cressida bonas prince harryJudging from recent buzz, Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas may be thisclose to getting engaged. And while it's easy enough to wrap our heads around that idea these days, it wasn't all that long ago that William's lil' bro was romping around Vegas in his birthday suit, generally wreaking havoc and looking like a total disgrace to the royal family! Thus, quite a few of us are left wondering what exactly happened between now and then to make him consider settling down with Cressie?

An insider talked to In Touch about just that, admitting, “No one can believe how Cressida has tamed Prince Harry. It would have been unthinkable a year ago.”


Unbelievable or not, Cressida tamed the bad boy by playing hard to get, the source reveals. “She blew hot and cold and kept changing her mind about whether she could handle being part of the royal circus. It just made Harry even more keener,” the insider notes. What a stereotypical guy. Loves the thrill of the chase! Or this is just totally fabricated rubbish. But eh, it very well could be true, because it is almost as if Harry has grown up right before our eyes recently ...

A friend explains, "He’s calmed down a lot ... Harry no longer wants to be seen as the Playboy Prince. He wants to prove to Cressida how serious he is about her.”

Apparently, if Harry can stay on track, the tabloid is predicting Cressida will accept his proposal, rumored to happen this summer -- around the same time the Queen is allowing Cressida to visit her 49,000-acre Balmoral estate. And then, the planning for the next royal wedding can officially commence!

Do you believe Cressida was the force that "tamed" Prince Harry? Did you have to "tame" your partner before he'd settle down?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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