Jon Gosselin Is Furious That Kate Will Return to TV

Kate GosselinNews that Kate Gosselin is preparing a return to reality TV did not go over well with her ex-husband, Jon. Jon is adamantly against his eight children appearing on TV again -- no matter that this will just be a one-hour "catch up" special and not a series. In fact, for some reason, he seems to think a "where are they now?" type special is even worse. He told E! News:

I was heartbroken to learn my children are participating in yet another TV project, especially an 'update' special.

Jon has always been steadfast that he doesn't want his kids on TV again. But this time he seems to have another agenda.


He told E!:

The special is to update people about their lives. Well, there are other people in their life besides their mother. They could have easily incorporated my children's grandparents, aunts, or uncles somehow, even without them appearing on camera, yet chose to exclude them. What message does this send to my children?

Hmmm. Sounds like Jon is pissed because the special will give the impression that Kate is the only one taking care of them. Jon, who does not have primary custody and does not pay child support, is still a presence in their lives -- but how much? He seems worried that the special might answer that question and it may not make him look so good.

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Jon does have a point that "growing up is hard enough" without being on TV; however, growing up is hard enough without two parents at public war with each other, and that doesn't seem to worry Jon.

This is the man who called Kate an "asshole" in one interview and wished she would "effing die" during his stint on Couples Therapy.

And, let's face it, while Kate (and perhaps even the kids, at least according to Kate) may hunger for some more of that TV fame -- the reality is she's going to be getting paid for the gig, and she probably needs the cash.

Do you think that Jon has the right to complain?


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