LeAnn Rimes Had No Choice But to Ditch Her Own Concert Early

Say what you will about LeAnn Rimes and her, uh, freewheeling views on marriage and adultery, there's one thing even her harshest of critics have a difficult time denying: she's a total professional on stage. Her fans say she delivers big time at her concerts, and she's constantly giving thoughtful shout-outs to the people who pay big bucks to see her perform.

So what exactly drove the singer to flee a stage in Oklahoma at a recent concert instead of performing an encore? As it turns out, unbelievable pain that makes us feel really sorry for her! LeAnn suffers from temporomandibular joint disorder, which caused her jaw to pop out of place and for her to lose hearing in her ear -- right in the middle of a performance!


LeAnn may have sprinted off the stage in what sounds like agony, but she didn't forget about her fans. Later that night she posted the following on her Twitter account:

Apparently, LeAnn has been dealing with TMJ for several years and has had to have several dental operations, including emergency root canals, in order to deal with it. She even sued a dentist last year for allegedly leaving her with "severe tooth pain, gum inflammation, and chronic gum bleeding" that she claims set her back as an artist.

It isn't difficult to imagine how absolutely horrible it would be to deal with TMJ, but can you picture relying on your voice to make a living and never knowing when your jaw is going to lock or pop out of place? How does she not think about this before every single concert? What an absolute nightmare.

Luckily for LeAnn's fans in Oklahoma, they got 99.9 percent of their money's worth at the concert and were only denied her encore. She felt extremely bad about having to leave and did what she could to make it up to fans with a heartfelt Twitter apology.

Did you know LeAnn suffered from TMJ? Do you think she handled her disappearance from the Oklahoma concert well?


Image via Twitter

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