Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Could Be THIS Close to Getting Back Together

Khloe Kardashian

You never know what can happen when it comes to celebrity divorces suddenly taking a turn for the better. If reports about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom communicating regularly are true -- then it looks like their marriage could possibly be saved.

Indeed, a source told Us Weekly, "They're talking all the time. It's not over yet."

Huh. That's interesting. I wonder if Khloe's phone call to Lamar after he quit the Spanish team is what got the ball rolling on them chatting each other up on a regular basis again? (If this little rumor is true, of course.)


Oh, and remember how Khloe purchased Justin Bieber's home a few weeks back? Yeah, well, supposedly her renovations to the place include making it very Lamar-friendly.

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A source also says Khloe is "building a subterranean basketball court" in the pad so Lamar can dribble to his heart's content. And according to an insider close to him, "Her installing a basketball court really says something. He thinks he could get Khloe back."

Wow. She's putting in a b-ball court? Like for reals? If that's true, then there's no other plausible reason for her doing so than anticipating a reconciliation with Lamar. (Or entertaining the advances of some other dude who's into the sport.)

And I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised if they do wind up giving things another go. Khloe is such a passionate person, and I can definitely see her wanting to make sure things are REALLY over before closing that book for good. Stay tuned.

Do you think Khloe and Lamar will get back together?


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