Miley Cyrus Spits on Her Fans & Hurts Her Career

Miley Cyrus Video has just started popping up here, there, and yon of Miley Cyrus covering Fleetwood Mac's song Landslide back in February. Video has also surfaced of her spitting on her fans.'s pretty awesome. The cover that is. The spitting is just, you know, spitting in the grand tradition of folks ripping off Johnny Rotten. So we won't talk about it anymore. 

Miley gets a lot of (totally well-deserved) guff. See aforementioned spitting story. That is what it is. It comes with being a girl-singer under the microscope of pop culture today. But sometimes we forget something essential about Miss Miley. She can really, really sing


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This cover will hopefully serve as a reminder of that fact to all and sundry of the various haters out there. It's a great song choice for her. After all, her voice is distinct in unique in a way that's not entirely dissimilar from Fleetwood Mac's own witchy woman singer Stevie Nicks. *Pause here to twirl vigorously while wearing a crocheted shawl*.


I kind of hope that Miley makes this cover an official part of her repertoire. It kind of hearkens back to the country-twang of her roots in some ineffable way that I totally dig. That said, the fact that for the duration of the entire song she's wearing a shirt that seems to have a picture of her own face on it does, admittedly, kind of mar the overall effect of the cover. I wish Miley would bring her gifted singing abilities back into the forefront and leave the eye-roll worthy antics at home. 

Do you think Miley's theatrics get in her way?


Image via luvvmusic/Flickr



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