Seth Rogen & James Franco Spoof Kimye's 'Vogue' Cover In Brilliant Fashion (PHOTO)

We all loved when Seth Rogen and James Franco did their best imitation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their parody of Bound 2 video. Well the boys are at it again, this time with their take on the controversial Kimye Vogue cover for the April issue.

They aren't bashing it like Sarah Michelle Gellar and other haters, but ... shall we say ... they are embracing it. Franco is, once again, playing the part of Kanye, while Rogen so perfectly captures Kim's ... um ... essence. Check it out.


"It had to be done," Rogen, 31, tweeted. And oh yes it certainly did.

I just LOVE Seth's face! He's looking a little smitten, perhaps smug, capturing this oh so glorious moment of landing the cover of VOGUE! Dreams do come true, they can happen to you ... if you are a Kardashian, of course.

I love Seth and James's version of the Vogue cover. Sure it's just their heads photoshopped on the bodies of these two mega-celebs who seem to be EVERYWHERE but brilliant idea, boys. The perfect follow up to Bound 2. I also don't feel as strong as the haters who think it's not so cool to have Kimye on the cover. Whatever. It's a magazine. People are talking about it. That's what sells magazines. Do you remember who was on the cover last month? Two months ago? Probably not. But people will remember this. Well played, all.

What do you think of Seth and James as Kimye on Vogue?


Image via James Franco/Instagram

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