Amanda Bynes Steps Out Looking Positively Radiant (PHOTOS)

Amanda Bynes looks so healthy Amanda Bynes continues to make tremendous strides forward in terms of taking back her life in the wake of her struggles with mental illness. She's kept a relatively low profile these days, spending her time getting well and focusing on her education. She's even cleared out her infamous Twitter account, creating a cyber-fresh start as well as an actual one.

Her efforts really look like they are paying off and I hope she continues on this path in the days, weeks, and months to come. Any doubters need look no further for proof than Amanda's own newly revamped Twitter account. Amanda recently shared some photos of a night out at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show which she attended with her parents in LA on Friday. 


Amanda shared a few photos from the event, and she is absolutely radiant -- glowing and healthy like we haven't seen her in, well, years. But there's something else afoot too. Amanda doesn't just look like she's physically improved -- she looks HAPPY to boot. That's a pretty big deal.

Amanda Bynes looks so healthy

Going to school and get out of the glare of the Hollywood spotlight was something she wanted to do for a long time. It looks like having finally gotten her wish, Amanda is on to a happier chapter in her life. Three cheers for her, and for her super-supportive family.

Do you think Amanda will ever return to Hollywood?


Images via Twitter 

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