Selena Gomez's Sexy Nude Pic Was Clearly Meant For Justin Bieber (PHOTO)

Selena GomezHoly Toledo. Lest you doubt claims that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back on again, let us point you towards the racy nude pictures Selena just posted to her Instagram. The image of Selena, artfully in the buff, concealed by a curtain, came just after Justin posted another pic of himself all shirtless and cow-eyed.

If these are the pics they are posting for their fans, imagine what they are posting for each other. One source says that Selena has been sending Justin sexy photos of herself for ages and this collection is quite extensive. I feel eight hundred years old for being scandalized by the antics of these children. 


For anyone wondering what exactly keeps Selena coming back to Justin in spite of his generally lame behavior and immature attitude, I think these pictures tell you everything you need to know. For this couple, it's alllll about chemistry. Excuse me while I hurl into the paper sack I have reserved solely for this purpose. 

naked selena gomez

I guess I shouldn't roll my eyes (nor discuss my vomit), it seems like these two kiddos are nuts for each other. But is it just me, or does it all seem like a little bit much? They haven't been good for each other in the past, with Selena landing briefly in rehab and Justin's arrests and various antics on record. Maybe their connection is too intense and unhealthy and they should sever that tie now. 

Do you think Selena and Justin are good for each other?


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