Sarah Michelle Gellar Trashes Kim Kardashian's 'Vogue' Cover

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestKim Kardashian's long-held dream finally came true -- no, it's not fitting into Kylie's bikini. Hey, she already did that! I'm talking about appearing on the cover of the hoity-toity fashion magazine, Vogue. Word long had it that editor Anna Wintour couldn't stand Kim and didn't see her as fit for a Vogue cover, despite Kim (and mostly Kanye, I imagine) lobbying for it relentlessly. So finally Kim got her cover ... and some people aren't too happy about it. Like Sarah Michelle Gellar for one.


Sarah Michelle tweeted:

Ouch! I guess Sarah isn't a Kardashian fan. Added celebrity reporter Nikki Finke:

Anna Wintour, however, defended her choice, saying:

As for the cover, my opinion is that it is both charming and touching, and it was, I should add, entirely our idea to do it; you may have read that Kanye begged me to put his fiancée on Vogue’s cover. He did nothing of the sort.

Oh, so much for that rumor. I still believe it though.

And then Kim's BFF, Jonathan Cheban defended Kim's honor, tweeting back to Sarah Michelle:

Do you matter?

Kids, kids! It's just a magazine cover. No one died. No one found the cure for cancer. The question isn't "Do you matter?" it's "Does this matter?" and the answer is no. Sheesh, fashionistas get so craaaazy. Let Kim have her cover.

Do you think Kim should have been on the cover?


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