Cressida Bonas Is Already Getting the Full 'Kate Middleton Treatment'

cressida bonas prince harryOne minute, she is, the next minute, she isn't. But either way, it sounds like Cressida Bonas is reaching a turning point with Prince Harry, and the a royal engagement is looking more possible than ever.

An insider claimed to Grazia magazine that the couple is "sick and tired of sneaking around like burglars leaving a crime scene. It reached a point where it was taking the fun out of life. When you're young and in love you want to should it from the rooftops, not slope around with a face like thunder." And all of this tension surrounding their undercover romance "came to a head in a serious heart-to-heart earlier this month. They weren't enjoying the charade any more, so they've decided to take action." Dun dun daaah!


The source elaborates, "The relationship's a keeper, and Harry wants Cressida to get ready for royal life. She was reluctant at first, but as their love has grown deeper, she knows it's the right thing to do. You could call it a princess boot camp, but it's a lot more fun than that."

Not too many more details about what "princess boot camp" entails exactly, but we can only guess it means beginning to think about and plan how she'll lead her life in the glare of the public eye, much like we know Kate had to do in the lead-up to her engagement to Wills. And for that reason, it must also mean cozying up to her potential future sister-in-law.

While "Cressida's had media and security training already, and has her own pass so she can come and go from Kensington Place as she pleases," the source explains, it's just as important that "she gets on very well with Kate. They're totally different people, but sometimes opposites attract, and that's the case with them. Kate remembers all too well how tough it is when you join The Firm, and she's been very generous with her advice."

Lovely! If learning from the Duchess really is part of Cressida's "training," she's more than well on her way to being a total success.

What do you think Cressida has to learn from Kate?


Image via Shaun Botterill/Getty

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