Kim & Kanye's 'Vogue' Shoot Shows Them Like We've Never Seen Before (VIDEO)

kanye west kim kardahsian vogue shootForget everything you think know about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Even what you think you know about baby North! And especially what you thought about their endlessly mocked "Bound 2" video. Because the engaged couple -- plus their little girl! -- "star" in a brand new video taken behind-the-scenes of their outrageous coup Vogue shoot, set to the tune of "Bound 2," and it shows a whole different side of the extremely public lovebirds.

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While Kim and Beyonce rarely seem to have much in common (outside of the fact that they're both with rap superstars who are best friends), this totally inspires the very same reaction that a Queen Bey performance might: I "literally can't" with this! Seriously, cuteness OVERLOAD. Oh, yeah, and of course Kim looks extremely glamorous and bridal. But I guess I just wasn't expecting her to come off so effortlessly, happily maternal, too. And madly in love with her future hubs.

Then again, this Vogue cover shoot was a long-held dream come true for both Kim and 'Ye, so of COURSE they are over-the-moon! Still, it's pretty sweet to see them so up close and personal -- not to mention totally blissed out with their baby girl.

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Image via VOGUE

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