Kim Kardashian Reveals What It Really Takes to Keep Herself Slim

kim kardashian in miami instagramThere's no denying Kim Kardashian looks incredible! And it isn't just thanks to hitting up the cosmetic surgeon. No, her constant visits to Barry's Boot Camp are paying off big time. And checking herself by sticking to her diet of choice, Atkins, must be helping, too. But keeping the baby weight off apparently hasn't been as easy as it sounds for North West's mama.

Kiki revealed in a Mobio Insider Q&A earlier this week that she "gained some weight back" at one point post-baby ...


Kim explained to a Mobio user:

I did the Atkins diet. I actually saw I gained some weight back when I saw pics of myself and started it again. Had to check myself. I work out five times a week and try to eat as healthy as possible.

Hm. Not sure what the bride-to-be is talking about in regard to pics she wasn't pleased with, as she's looked amazing for months! But I do appreciate how real she's being about the weight maintenance process. It's all about constant checks and balances.

And it does sound like Kim has a healthy grasp on that. For example, although Atkins is extremely restrictive when it comes to carbs, she indulged in some garlic noodles the other night, tweeting ...


Good for her! Keep it up, Kim, but don't forget to give yourself enough credit. You're working your famous booty off ... Err, well, okay, maybe everything but that.
What do you think about Kim's admission that she gained some weight back? How do you keep yourself in check?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram
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