Kristen Stewart's Sudden 'Weight Gain' Is Raising a Few Eyebrows (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart

Maybe I need to have my eyes checked out or something -- but I'm having a really hard time seeing Kristen Stewart's 15 pound weight gain, which some folks are buzzing about.

Hollywood Life talked to a registered dietitian, and she estimates KStew to be around 125 to 130 pounds right about now, which is larger than her normal 115 pound weight.

Oh, and supposedly she has a muffin top and her thighs are getting bigger too. A source confirms that she has put on a few pounds for the sake of her new role in Still Alice.

But I'm not sure I'm buying it.


I mean, does she really look any bigger to you? And do you honestly think she has a muffin top? Maybe I'm mistaken, but I though a muffin top resembled, well -- the top of a muffin. You know, like when your stomach is literally hanging over the waist of your pants because they're way too tight.

Take a long, hard look at this photo of Kristen that was taken on set a few days ago. Does she look "fat" to you?

 Kristen Stewart

No. Like not even a little bit. Honestly, she doesn't even appear to have put on one ounce to me, let alone 15 pounds. And if that's considered a muffin top? Hell, I'm not ashamed to say I'm carrying around a baker's dozen.

But if Kristen has really put on extra weight? Where do I sign up for whatever plan she's following? If this is what a 15 pound weight gain looks like, I'm all for watching the scale go up.

Do you think Kristen looks bigger?


Image via Splash


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