Kate Middleton & Prince William Could Be the Next King & Queen

Could Queen Elizabeth be planning on dissing the rightful heir to the throne and installing the world's favorite couple instead? No, not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I'm talking Prince William and Kate Middleton, of course! (As much as Kanye thinks Kimye is royalty.) Surely, the idea has been bandied about before -- let's face it, Wills and Kate are already the faces of royal Britain, not Charles and Camilla. But tabloid The Globe swears this isn't a fantasy -- that it's really going to happen!


According to some mysterious source, the coronation of Prince William and Duchess Kate is already set in motion and will happen June 2015. So mark your calendars! Because if it doesn't happen, we can all write to The Globe and call them on their b.s.!

It's unlikely, but given that the Prince and Kate have already taken over some duties that were originally given to Charles -- such as handing out shamrocks to the Irish Guard -- not totally out of the realm of imagination.

Still, there's protocol to be followed and the Queen isn't going to upend the entire monarchy just because Wills and Kate are more popular. That could start a huge chain reaction of bizarro royal moves. Next thing you know, Robert Pattinson and Susan Boyle could be King and Queen!

Do you think Prince Charles and Camilla should be ousted?


Image via The Globe


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