Khloe Kardashian Would Take Back Lamar Odom Under One Condition

Khloe Kardashian Lamar OdomNow that we know that Lamar Odom is reportedly full steam ahead with trying to win back Khloe Kardashian, the question is -- will he succeed? And has she already given him another chance? Not so fast, says one source, who told HollywoodLife that while the baller desperately wants to repair his marriage, Khloe isn't ready to go back to him ... just yet.


A source exclusively told the outlet:

They are not getting back together, but never say never. If he really changed she would take him back. Lamar was the love of her life. But Khloe doesn’t believe he’s really changed and he did too much damage for her to sign up for that again.

Sounds smart. While Khloe's heart may be clamoring to get with Lammykins, she's got to listen to her head too. The fact is that just because people may want to change doesn't mean they can -- especially not right away. Right now, Lamar is injured and lost what might be his last chance to play ball. He's at a low and might be looking around for anything to make him feel wanted -- that's where Khloe comes in. But as soon as their marriage is repaired, and his ego is back up and running, his old habits and tendencies could easily return.

Someone like Lamar, who had a dysfunctional childhood, needs to learn that women and drugs aren't the solution to his pain. Neither is marriage. He's got to learn to be on his own and love himself first, and that can take years of work.

If Khloe truly wants to try again, she needs to sit back and watch how Lamar acts for at least six months. See if those destructive urges come back. She also needs to see if he's willing to go to therapy or rehab or do some other kind of work on himself.

Then she should just be friends for awhile and see how that goes. It's too easy to say "Let's give it another chance," but then after the glow of the reunion fades -- you're back to square one with all the same issues. It's not like Khloe is going to be able to just wipe all of those other women, all that cheating, all those lies, and all that drug use out of her mind.

But I hope she doesn't think SHE can change him. Uh-uh. Don't go there, girl.

Do you think she should give him another chance?


Image via TheRealLamarOdom/Twitter

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