Robert Pattinson Just Can't Trust Women After Kristen Stewart's Affair

Robert PattinsonPoor Robert Pattinson. Despite being one of the most sought-after men in the world, and with beautiful women like Katy Perry and Dylan Penn lining up to be his "friend," it seems he still can't move on from the specter of you-know-who (KristencoughStewart). A source tells LongLiveGossip that not only can Rob not quite get over his ex vampire luvah -- but he can't quite move on with another woman. Because he just doesn't trust any of them anymore!


The source says:

He would never get back with her; she disappointed him like no one before. He doesn't look at her the same anymore. But the Kristen that he thought he knew is still stuck in his head. This is why it is so hard for him to move on, he can't trust girls anymore.

Oh no, did KStew really ruin him for other ladies? There's no doubt that once one person has broken your trust, it's easier to see how others could. After all, if someone you truly believed in and felt intimate with could betray you, why couldn't anyone?

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But eventually -- at least if you want to have another relationship -- you've got to trust in yourself. Trust that you can have good judgment about people and that if it turns out that that judgment is misplaced, the world won't end.

Still, once burned, twice shy, and it's definitely hard to trust again once you know that lovers can BURN.

Hopefully, Rob will eventually learn to love and trust again. Maybe even with KStew, who knows! If not, I'm sure there are plenty of ladies who would love the chance to prove how trustworthy they are.

Do you think Rob will learn to love again?

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