Robert Pattinson Can't Get Over Kristen Stewart But That's Not the Worst Part

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson has never directly said how he felt about Kristen Stewart cheating on him -- but it was obvious that that was the beginning of the end. Still, wouldn't it be interesting to know his thoughts on the whole thing? But until that day, we have various "sources" who claim to know the inner workings of RPattz's soul. And one says that Rob still isn't over Kristen -- that he still loves her.


LongLiveGossip reports that a source said about Rob:

He would never get back with her; she disappointed him like no one before. He doesn't look at her the same anymore. But the Kristen he thought he knew is still stuck in his head.

So sad. Rob apparently can't forget Kristen -- but he can't forget what she did to him either. This is the problem with cheating; it may mean nothing to you, but it means everything to the person you are in a relationship with. He or she will just never see you in the same light again. Is it worth it?

Undoubtedly, it wasn't worth it for KStew, who isn't even with Rupert Sanders. Rumor has it the two are still in touch. Some outlets have even gone so far as to say that Rupert still wants a future with Kristen -- one she will never give him because she knows it would be bad for her career. Plus, she probably just doesn't care about him very much, let's face it.

But that feeling of knowing what someone is capable of -- someone you totally trusted -- that never really goes away. So despite the fact that KStew might manage to get Rob to her birthday party -- sounds like he would never go there again.

What a conundrum. Rob can't stop loving Kristen but can't stop hating her either.

Do you think he will ever forgive her?

Image via Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

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