Johnny Weir's Split From Husband of 2 Years Blamed on Vacation Plans

johnny weirFigure skater and, more recently, hilarious and stylish Olympics commentator Johnny Weir made an announcement today. Fans might have hoped it was to address rumors of his return to the ice. But sadly, Johnny's news was not so thrilling. Weir announced on Twitter that he was splitting with his husband of more than two years, Victor Voronov. Johnny's statement was smooth, if sad, and made it seem like the split was a mutual and amicable one.

But his ex's Twitter told another story. Voronov was shocked to read that Johnny was going forward with the news -- and with the breakup. This isn't the first time the duo has clashed and it's made headlines. Just a few weeks ago, they were in the news when Voronov filed charges against Weir for biting him during a domestic dispute. The charges were later dropped, but clearly all was not well in paradise.


Apparently, Voronov had been demanding that the couple spend much-needed quality time together. While he was supportive of Johnny's career, lately his star has been rising and his schedule has been jam-packed with appearances and travel that made it difficult for them to spend time together. Sources say they spent only two or three days together at the most in the last month.

Voronov and Weir had planned a vacation getaway to try and heal their marriage. It is rumored that Weir's cancellation of the trip was the straw that broke their fiery union. Whatever the truth of the rumors, the news is just plain sad. I'm a huge fan of Weir, and he and Victor seemed genuinely happy together. I'm sorry to hear that they are done-zo. Silver lining -- maybe now we can have a T.V. show wherein Johnny Weir starts dating? Please someone make this happen. And please call it Dating Johnny Weir. And please let me work on this show.

Why do you think Johnny and Victor really ended things?


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