‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Makes Most Brilliant or Luckiest Guess Ever (VIDEO)

wheel of fortuneI have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make: Back when I was a wee tyke, Wheel of Fortune was my absolute favorite TV show (nerd from the womb). My parents said I would sit in my chair and scream, "Wheel! Wheel! Wheel!" at the television set before it would come on. So it brings me great, abundant joy whenever this classic show makes headlines. And not only will this Wheel of Fortune contestant hit you with a hefty dose of nostalgia (just me?), he'll prove why he is the luckiest, smartest, most brilliant contestant I've seen recently.

Just take a look at this board for the infamous bonus round. Kind of looks impossible, right? The category was "Thing," and R, S, T, L, N, E are given letters. Emil guessed letters H, M, D, O, but only N and E showed up. Drats! Talk about bad luck.


But not so fast! Luck was definitely on this dude's side. He guesses the correct choice, and it's, in a word, brilliant.

Check it out:


New baby buggy?!?!?! How the hell did he think of that one? And right off the bat? Was it a setup? Did that really just happen? Is this real life? Host Pat Sajak shook his head in complete and utter shock, like we all would, and then jokingly searched Emil to see if he had some sort of answer key in his pocket.

Who even says "new baby buggy" nowadays anyway? Let alone thinks of it on the first try while the pressure is on during a nationally broadcast game show. Maybe the letter "b" was stuck in his head for whatever reason, or maybe he's a new dad, but wow, talk about one lucky, lucky, really smart guy. Emil was able to walk away from the bonus round with $45,000. Not a bad payout for pretty much the most amazing Wheel of Fortune guess of all time!

Do you think this is for real? Or was it set up somehow?


Image via WheelofFortune/YouTube

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