Kim Kardashian Has 'Uncomfortable' Encounter With Man From Her Past

Kim KardashianAwkward! Kim Kardashian recently ran into her ex while ordering an omelette at a coffee bar. Let's hope she had a full face of makeup and her hair looked good -- because ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush was there with none other than his baby mama and fiancee, total Kim K lookalike Lilit Avagyan.


A source tells US Weekly that Kim stopped into Ed's Coffee Shop in Los Angeles before heading to Bel Bambini for some shopping, and lo and behold, of all the coffee shops in all the world, there's the former love of her life, Reggie. Who just happens to be with Lilit, a virtual clone of Kim. Says the source:

It seemed uncomfortable. Kim ordered her omelet and then went to Bel Bambini.

Ack, can you imagine? That must have been the absolute most excruciating omelet wait evah!

On the other hand, Kim has moved on and has a fiance and baby herself -- so what's the big deal? Wouldn't you just go over and say "hi" or maybe wave or something? Guess these two didn't end on the greatest note. (Probably those rumors of Kim cheating with Kanye while with Reggie didn't help.)

Side note: I once saw Kim and Reggie at a gifting lounge at Sundance when they were dating. Reggie absolutely oozed boredom. Just IMHO.

It's a small world!

Do you think it was an awkward encounter or Kim was all, "Whatevs!"


Image via David Becker/Getty

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